Genetic Toxicology

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Genetic Toxicology Services

By using the most advanced GLP study designs and guidelines, along with our innovative and integrated approach, Pharmaron provides genetic toxicology services to evaluate the genotoxic potential in a GLP-compliant manner.

In addition, we help our partners successfully screen their compounds to identify if there is a potential for genetic damage or genotoxic impurities.

Pharmaron’s safety assessment team provides genotoxicity screening assays for discovery programs and standard GLP genotoxicity assays supporting regulatory guidelines and GLP standards.

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Genotoxicity Screening Assays

  • Micro Ames, Mini Ames, Ames
  • in vitro micronucleus: CHO cell, human lymphocyte, other cell lines
  • in vitro chromosome aberration: CHO cell, human lymphocyte
  • Gene mutation: mouse lymphoma
  • in vivo rodent bone marrow micronucleus
  • in vivo chromosome aberration in rats
  • in vivo comet assay in rodent

GLP Standard Genotoxicity Assays

  • Ames
  • In vitro micronucleus: CHO cell, TK 6 cell, human lymphocyte
  • Chromosome aberration: CHO cell, human lymphocyte
  • Gene mutation: mouse lymphoma
  • In vivo rodent bone marrow micronucleus, independent or integrated into general toxicology studies in rodent