Synthetic Chemistry

Synthetic Chemistry Services

With over 5,000 synthetic chemists for discovery chemistry, supported by hundreds of analytical and purification chemists, Pharmaron’s synthetic organic chemistry team has a track record of delivering high-quality compounds of various complexities and analytical data to our partners. With a state-of-the-art chemical technology platform, Pharmaron can design efficient synthetic routes for complex molecules and put them into practice to accomplish synthetic transformation with maximum efficiency.

  • Synthesis of novel compounds for discovery/medicinal chemistry programs with any structural complexity 
  • Synthesis of building blocks and reference compounds 
  • Scale up to support in vivo PK, in vivo efficacy and toxicity studies 
  • Enabling chemical technologies includes:
    • High-throughput experimentation to optimize reaction conditions
    • Re-engineered enzymes for biotransformation
    • Flow chemistry
    • Photo-redox and photo-flow chemistry
    • Electric chemistry