Synthetic Chemistry

Two scientists wearing white lab coats and protective masks work in a laboratory. They handle samples inside a large glove box with viewing windows and access ports. One scientist adjusts equipment while the other examines a sample under bright lighting, as part of their preclinical ADME studies.

Synthetic Chemistry Services

With over 5,000 synthetic chemists for discovery chemistry, supported by hundreds of analytical and purification chemists, Pharmaron’s synthetic organic chemistry team has a track record of delivering high-quality compounds of various complexities and analytical data to our partners. With a state-of-the-art chemical technology platform, Pharmaron can design efficient synthetic routes for complex molecules and put them into practice to accomplish synthetic transformation with maximum efficiency.

  • Synthesis of novel compounds for discovery/medicinal chemistry programs with any structural complexity 
  • Synthesis of building blocks and reference compounds 
  • Scale up to support in vivo PK, in vivo efficacy and toxicity studies 
  • Enabling chemical technologies includes:
    • High-throughput experimentation to optimize reaction conditions
    • Re-engineered enzymes for biotransformation
    • Flow chemistry
    • Photo-redox and photo-flow chemistry
    • Electric chemistry