Radiolabelled in vitro Metabolism Studies

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Radiolabelled in vitro Metabolism Study Services

In vitro metabolism investigations are critical to successful drug development as they provide early information on human metabolism and help enable you to select the most metabolically relevant toxicology species. By partnering with Pharmaron, we can profile, quantify, and identify all relevant metabolites to support your toxicology data and establish metabolite safety. Typically conducted prior to first-in-human (FIH) studies, Pharmaron offers in vitro metabolism investigations as an integral part of drug development.

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Metabolism Studies

  • Incubation with hepatocytes, liver microsomes and other subcellular fractions for metabolite formation, evaluation and characterization
  • Comparative cross-species metabolism in various toxicology models and human for any given compound(s)
  • Specific tissues can also be investigated
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Quantitative Metabolite Profiling

  • Metabolites separated and resolved by HPLC methods
  • LC fractionation with flow-through radiometric detectors (TopCount® available if needed) 
  • Metabolite quantification performed in-line with HRMS (high resolution mass spectrometry) for structure elucidation of metabolites

Download our PDF to learn more about Pharmaron’s in vitro Enzyme and Transporter-mediated DDI Studies.

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