in vitro Biology

in vitro Biology Services

Pharmaron’s in vitro biology team supports drug discovery and development programs for the identification of candidate compounds. 

The team is highly experienced in target validation, biophysics, biochemistry, phenotype analysis, target engagement, action mechanism exploration and biomarker profiling.

Our team supports various therapeutic areas, including oncology/immuno-oncology, metabolic disorders, immunology/inflammation, and neurologic disorders.

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in vitro Biology Solutions from Target Validation to Candidate Selection

  • Biophysics and other binding assays
  • Biochemical activity assays
  • Cell functional/phenotypic screening
  • Target engagement assays
  • Mechanism of action studies
  • Signaling pathway exploration
  • Protein analysis from single protein to proteomics
  • Gene analysis from single gene to sequence
  • PD biomarker profiling and screening
  • Selectivity panel evaluation
  • in vitro safety panel assessment

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Meet Dr. Fang He

Read how Dr. He, Senior Vice President, in vitro Biology, has advanced our in vitro biology capabilities.