DNA-Encoded Libraries

DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) Services

Pharmaron’s state-of-the-art DNA-Encoded Libraries Technology (DELT) platform enables the custom synthesis and screening of billions of compounds against biological targets in a fast and cost-effective way. Built on our strong synthetic and medicinal chemistry foundation, the designed libraries are composed of novel structures. These structures cover a wide chemical space inherently including diversified scaffolds, which are drug-like and ideally suited for further hit-to-lead optimization.

  • Novel Chemistry: New chemistry development; leverage unique building block collections
  • Library Design: Design bespoke DNA-encoded libraries based on desired specifications
  • Library Production: DELs with high quality standards synthesized
  • DEL Screening: Billions of compounds screened against targets under multiple conditions
  • Hit Analysis: Using informatics for data crunching and selection of promising hits
  • Target Production & Assay Development: Additional pre-screening services available 

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dna encoded library

DEL Scientific Resources

  • β-Lactam DNA-encoded Libraries
  • New Amide Generation Strategies for Higher Quality DELs
  • New DEL Design Strategies with Innovative Linkers
  • Alkyne Iodination and Acetylenic Couplings on-DNA

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