Our Management Team

Experienced and passionate leaders dedicated to partners’ success

A man with short black hair, glasses, and a gentle smile is wearing a dark suit, blue dress shirt, and blue tie. The background is solid gray, reminiscent of the precision found in preclinical ADME studies.

Boliang Lou, Ph.D.

  • Chairman & CEO
A man with short dark hair is seen in a professional headshot. He is wearing a dark blue suit jacket, a light blue dress shirt, and a navy blue tie with white polka dots. His arms are crossed and he is looking confidently at the camera against a plain gray background, exemplifying absolute professionalism.

Larry Lou, EMBA, M.Eng

  • President & COO
A woman with short black hair, wearing a black blazer over a patterned collared shirt, smiles at the camera. The background is a neutral gray, adding a touch of professionalism to her expertise in genetic toxicology.

Bei Zheng, M.A.

  • Executive Vice President
A middle-aged man with short, salt-and-pepper hair is wearing a dark suit, light blue dress shirt, and a striped tie. He is posing against a simple gray background, looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression. The backdrop subtly nods to his expertise in preclinical ADME studies.

Hua Yang, Ph.D.

  • Chief Scientific Officer
A man in a dark suit and a patterned tie with a light blue shirt poses against a plain gray background. With short black hair and a neutral expression, he exudes the precision of bioanalytical development.

Gilbert Li, CFA, CPA

  • Chief Financial Officer & Board Secretary
A woman with shoulder-length black hair is wearing a dark blazer over a light blue shirt, accented by a small pin on her lapel. She is smiling against a plain grey background, exuding confidence that complements her expertise in bioanalytical development.

Katherine Lee, MBA

  • Chief Business Officer
A professional woman with shoulder-length dark hair and glasses smiles softly. She is wearing a gray pinstripe blazer over a black top, perhaps ready to discuss radiolabelled ADME studies. The background is a plain, neutral gray.

Connie Sun, Ph.D.

  • Senior Vice President, Global Head of Business Development, Small Molecules
A woman with long, dark hair is smiling. She is wearing a black blazer over a white shirt. The blazer has two decorative pins on the lapel – one shaped like a red ribbon and the other resembling a figure, symbolizing her expertise in bioanalytical development. The background is a solid, dark gray color.

Celina Zhong, MBA

  • Senior Vice President, Human Resources
A smiling man with short, light hair and glasses wearing a dark suit, a white shirt, and a patterned tie poses against a plain gray background, embodying the precision of preclinical ADME studies in his meticulous appearance.

Stephen Lewinton

  • Senior Vice President, UK Operations
A man with short dark hair and a beard is smiling. He is wearing glasses, a light blue shirt, a blue tie, and a gray suit jacket. The background is plain and gray, akin to the sterile environment of preclinical ADME studies.

Sid Bhoopathy, Ph.D.

  • Senior Vice President, US Head Lab Services and CGT