Enabling Technology

Laboratory equipment

Enabling Technology

Pharmaron’s chemical enabling technology platform is focused on optimizing catalytic transformations to increase efficiency and reliability by accessing a wide range of catalysts. The platform includes various novel ligands for catalysis including cross-coupling reactions and enzymes (including re-engineered enzymes) in a high-throughput format to support synthetic chemistry teams. In addition, this platform also optimizes chemical transformations with photoredox and electrochemical conditions.

  • Collaborate with Pharmaron’s chemists in all stages of drug R&D: medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry and process chemistry
  • Focused on making catalytic transformations simpler and more efficient, reliable and economical
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including automatic high-throughput reaction station, photoredox and flow chemistry systems, analytical instruments, armed with various chemical catalysts and enzymes including re-engineered enzymes

Screening Work Strategy

  • Identification of optimal conditions for organometallic chemistry
  • Photoredox screening – Screen different catalysts/ligands/solvents/bases/light sources
  • Biotransformation optimization with in-house enzyme collections