Our Culture

“Employees Number One” and “Clients Centered” are the core cultural values at Pharmaron.  Our culture, which sets Pharmaron apart from other organizations, has evolved from our deep commitment to our employees, partners and collaborators. As a result, we have forged strong relationships with our team and partners.

Pharmaron Culture

“Employees Number One”

First priorities in Pharmaron’s daily operation include offering our team numerous training opportunities to foster professional and personal development, encouraging our employees to think creatively when approaching challenges, and balancing work with their personal lives to enhance our employee welfare and career development. The culture of “Employees Number One” ensures Pharmaron maintains a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and scientifically and managerially competent employees to deliver high-quality services.

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“Clients Centered”

Delivering high quality services to our partners and collaborators in a timely, cost-effective and sustainable manner is at the center of Pharmaron’s business. All activities at Pharmaron are delivered with high quality solutions to support our clients’ success in discovery, preclinical and clinical development and commercialization of innovative medicines. The culture of “Employees Number One” blended with “Clients Centered” has been a key factor for the sustainable growth of our business. 

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