Tritium and Carbon-14 Radiolabels (RadioTag)

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Tritium and Carbon-14 Radiolabels Services

Pharmaron’s radiochemistry team provides expert advice on synthesis of radiolabels and subsequent release for use in non-clinical and clinical drug development and in environmental fate studies. To support rapid turnaround PK investigations, we developed RadioTag, a method for radiolabelling large protein-based molecules with 3H or14C.   Pharmaron’s method for radiolabelling biologics can support pharmacokinetic, mass balance, tissue distribution (quantitative whole-body autoradiography (QWBA) and micro-autoradiography (mARG)) and metabolism studies. By using radio-tagging techniques, our team is able to rapidly assess the PK and tissue distribution of radiolabelled biologics. 

A 3D molecular structure model comprised of numerous interconnected spheres in various colors, including red, white, blue, gray, yellow, and green, representing atoms within the complex organic compound used for bioanalytical development.

RadioTag Method

  • Single protocol for a wide range of large molecules using a covalent radiolabelling technique
  • Direct labelling targets lysine residues or N-terminal amino groups in proteins and peptides
  • Wide molecular weight ranges studied from 1 to >350 kDa
  • Minimal protein modification reduces the potential negative effects on target binding or biological activity