Pharmaron Learning

Providing our employees with continuous training and education reflects our long-term commitment to excellence in science. Weekly training seminars and annual symposiums featuring world-class speakers from academia and the life sciences community provide numerous learning opportunities each year.
Pharmaron College
Our in-house Ph.D. and M.Sc. graduate program where staff are given the opportunity to participate in systematic advanced studies related to Pharmaron’s core business functions. Established in 2011, Pharmaron College’s goal is to identify and develop talents in Pharmaron through an intense training program, which strengthens the employee’s knowledge, mindset and approach to problem-solving.

Pharmaron Symposium and Forums
One-day innovation-focused events featuring industry and academic experts. The goal of each symposium and forum is to cultivate and strengthen Pharmaron’s drug R&D abilities by gaining a better understanding of the biopharmaceutical industry’s strategy and tactics in today’s dynamic business environment.

Pharmaron Scholarship and Lectureship 
Pharmaron established a Pharmaron Scholarship at the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry that offers outstanding Ph.D. graduates the opportunity to conduct their post-doctoral research at world-class laboratories. Pharmaron also works with several universities in China to recognize chemistry students who are excelling with their undergraduate and/or graduate degree. Pharmaron established a Pharmaron Lecture at the University of Toronto in Canada and at Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University, where world-renown scientists are invited to speak on frontier developments in chemistry and life sciences each year.

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