Social Responsibility

Pharmaron has the responsibility to help patients improve their quality of life and save their lives by providing therapeutics in a timely, cost-effective and business-sustainable manner. We work closely with non-profit organizations to help discover and develop urgently needed and effective medicine at a low cost.

Our social responsibility includes providing a safe environment for our employees in each of our facilities and operating our business in an environmental responsible manner. Sustainability Goals (2016-2020) were created to track our progress of achievement on a regular basis. In addition, Pharmaron is committed to running scientific animal studies that are high-quality and meet ethical standards.

As a socially responsible CRO, Pharmaron is proud to participate in numerous community activities, including:

Support Education and Research

  • Annual scholarships and studentships established at universities in China and North America to foster professional training in centers of excellence in their fields
  • Mentorships to hundreds of interns from universities in China and North America to apply their newly-learned scientific and technological skills as they prepare to enter R&D driven industries

Support Disaster Relief Recovery

  • Disaster relief assistance in China and around the world – donating goods, money and volunteer time
  • Volunteer opportunities to help local charities

Sustainability Goals

To fulfill the commitment of the Pharmaron EHS Policy “commit to preventing pollution and operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner,” we established Sustainability Goals (2016-2020):

  • Goal #1: Achieve 25% reduction of water consumption by 2020 versus 2016 actual as baseline.*
    Goal achieved and exceeded: 41% reduction of water consumption
  • Goal #2: Achieve 20% reduction of energy consumption by 2020 versus 2016 as baseline.**
    Goal achieved and exceeded: 37.5% reduction of water consumption

* Unit in Goal #1: Ton per 10,000 RMB revenue;
** Unit in Goal #2: Ton of standard coal equivalent per 10,000 RMB revenue.


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