Social Responsibility

Pharmaron has the responsibility to help patients improve their quality of life and save their lives by providing therapeutics in a timely, cost-effective and business sustainable manner. We work closely with non-profit organizations to help discover and develop urgently needed and effective medicine with a low cost.
Our social responsibility includes providing a safe environment for our employees in each of our facilities. In addition, Pharmaron is committed to running scientific animal studies that are high-quality and meet ethical standards.

As a socially responsible CRO, Pharmaron is proud to participate in numerous community activities, including:

Supporting education and research

  • Annual scholarships and studentships established at universities in China and North America to foster professional training in centers of excellence in their fields
  • Mentorships to hundreds of interns from universities in China and North America to apply their newly-learned scientific and technological skills as they prepare to enter R&D driven industries

Supporting disaster relief recovery

  • Disaster relief assistance in China and around the world – donating goods, money and volunteer time
  • Volunteer opportunities to help local charities

Supporting environmental efforts


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