Employee Safety

We strive for excellence regarding the health and safety of our team and communities and we aim for our efforts to be a benchmark for the CRO industry.

To achieve this goal, we developed a highly comprehensive system focused on Safety, Health and Environment (SHE). SHE is integrated with all the R&D processes and activities to ensure our facilities and local communities are safe. Regular communication with local authorities regarding SHE policies, regulations and practices ensures the best practices for the SHE system are implemented.

To achieve this strategic objective, we implement our Environment, Health and Safety policy:

  • commit to complying with all applicable environment, health and safety legal requirements and other voluntary requirements to which we subscribe;
  • believe all incidents and occupational diseases are preventable;
  • foster a culture of safety within our organization;
  • commit to preventing pollution and operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • commit to continuously improving our environment, health and safety performance by implementing management systems and engaging with all our employees, customers and key stakeholders.

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