CGT Webinar Series

Continuous learning is a key element of Pharmaron’s culture of excellence. We are proud to provide our partners and peers with podcasts that focus on innovation and latest industry trends.


Ideal Assay Profile™ (IAP): Potency Assay Development and Validation to Support Gene Therapy (GT) Product Approval

Recorded: May 2022 All Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) products must have tests in place to demonstrate identity, purity, and…

AAV Analytics: Driving Innovation through Collaboration

Recorded: May 2022 This webinar will discuss how we are exploring innovative approaches for AAV analytics through collaborative efforts with partners such…

A Holistic Approach to AAV Advanced Analytics

Recorded: April 2022 This webinar will discuss some of the advanced analytical capabilities available to Pharmaron for AAV characterisation. Key…

Downstream AAV Production: A Targeted Approach to Optimization

Recorded: March 2022 This webinar will highlight our multifaceted approach to downstream purification including separation of genome containing (full) from…

Upstream AAV Production: A Targeted Approach to Optimization

Recorded: February 2022 This webinar discusses key upstream process parameters to consider for efficient and scalable AAV production with a focus on…