Pharmaron acquires Xceleron Inc.

Acquisition expands Pharmaron’s radiolabelled sciences capabilities

Beijing, January 10, 2017 __ Pharmaron, a fully integrated contract research organization offering R&D services for the life science industry, today announced the acquisition of Xceleron Inc. Xceleron is a Maryland, US-based globally leading Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) specialist for life sciences.

The AMS platform developed at Xceleron has unique sensitivity and features that allows identification and analysis of therapeutically and biologically relevant entities, including small molecules to large molecules at low concentrations. With this, Xceleron has supported regulatory filings for dozens of marketed drugs since 1998. The technology has been developed to support discovery of novel biomarkers and potentially new disease-modifying targets.

Xceleron’s use of microtracers and AMS detection technology complements Pharmaron’s existing platforms of radiolabelled compound manufacturing and radiolabelled metabolism operated in the United Kingdom. The combination of AMS and other established analytical technologies at Pharmaron supports early discovery, preclinical and clinical development. This acquisition is part of Pharmaron’s strategy to provide fully integrated, end-to-end R&D services.

Dr. Boliang Lou, Chairman and CEO of Pharmaron commented: “We are pleased to welcome another industry-leading R&D platform to the Pharmaron Group, once again demonstrating our commitment to becoming a global leader in drug R&D services. The addition of Xceleron develops and differentiates our capabilities in translational science and clinical development services, and further strengthens our ability to support our worldwide collaborators and partners with fully integrated pharmaceutical R&D services.”

Dr. Michael Butler, CEO, Xceleron commented: “With the support of our investors, the Xceleron team has worked diligently to create an analytical platform that is now accepted as a valuable component of the contemporary pharmaceutical development tool-box. We are excited to become a part of Pharmaron’s integrated drug research and development platform as it allows for new opportunities to serve our customers arising from the combination of our AMS technology with Pharmaron’s extensive and growing capabilities.”

Commercial details on the transaction are not being disclosed.

About Pharmaron

Pharmaron is a private, premier R&D service provider for the life sciences industry. Founded in 2004, Pharmaron has invested in its people and facilities, and established a broad spectrum of R&D service capabilities ranging from synthetic and medicinal chemistry, biology, DMPK, pharmacology, safety assessment, radiochemistry and radiolabelled metabolism to chemical & pharmaceutical development. With over 4,000 employees, and operations in China, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Pharmaron has an excellent track record in the delivery of R&D solutions to its partners in North America, Europe, Japan and China.

About Xceleron

Xceleron, located in Germantown, Maryland, pioneered and developed the robust use of 14C microtracers and AMS analytical technology in pharmaceutical R&D. Since 1998, Xceleron has designed new preclinical and clinical investigations around the unique analytical features of AMS. With increased adoption, Xceleron developed a proprietary approach to ensure analytical robustness at the very low levels of detection compared to complimentary traditional platforms such as LC-MS/MS and Liquid Scintillation Counting. Benefiting from Xceleron’s work, AMS detection is now widely accepted as a valuable analytical tool in the quest for improved efficiency in pharmaceutical R&D.

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北京,2017110日讯__ 康龙化成今天宣布收购位于美国马里兰州的Xceleron公司。该公司专业提供生命科学领域内的检测分析服务,其核心技术为处于世界领先水平的加速型质谱(AMS)技术。




Xceleron公司CEO迈克尔.巴特勒博士表示:“在我们投资人的支持下,Xceleron 一直以来,致力于独特分析平台的建设。今天,我们欣喜地看到该检测技术已成为现今医药开发过程中的一个重要分析工具。我们非常高兴成为康龙化成一体化新药研发平台的一部分。 AMS技术和康龙化成新药研发平台的全面整合,将为我们客户提供更优质的服务,并创造更多的合作机会。”




关于 Xceleron

Xceleron, 位于美国马里兰州日耳曼敦,开创性地将加速型质谱(Accelerator Mass Spectrometry,AMS)技术和14C标记的微量示踪物(14C microtracers)应用于药物研发。自1998以来,利用加速型质谱(AMS)这一独特分析平台, Xceleron设计了新颖的用于临床前和临床开发专题的试验方案。经过不断积累,Xceleron开发了比传统的LC-MS/MS和LSC等分析方法更为可靠的极低浓度分析检测技术,拥有独特的专利技术。得益于Xceleron的出色工作,AMS检测技术已被业界广泛接受,并被认为是提高药物研发效率的一种有价值的分析工具。


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