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Transporter Assays

Transporters are membrane-bound proteins that enable movement of substances, from nutrients to xenobiotics, in and out of cells. Drug transporter interactions are an important part of the pharmacokinetic properties of drug products. Understanding which transporters drive influx/efflux of your drug can help predict in vivo safety and performance, optimise development, and speed up regulatory approval.

Drug transporters are grouped into two classes:

ATP binding cassette (ABC)

Transporters  that are relevant for intestinal absorption, urinary excretion and blood-brain barrier transfer. Examples include P-glycoprotein (P-gp) and BCRP.

Solute Carrier (SLC)

Transporters that mainly impact renal and hepatic uptake of drugs, as well as urinary excretion. Examples include OATP1B1 and OCT1

Pharmaron has extensive experience evaluating the potential interactions of compounds with drug transporter proteins. We have years of experience with in vitro transporter substrate and inhibitor potential assay development.  Our expertise spans co-medications, product profiles, development plans, clearance routes, chemical structures, and physicochemical properties.

Our suite of in vitro assays enables robust and comprehensive characterization of drug interactions with both ABC and SLC transporters. The cell lines and inhibitors we use align with all FDA recommendations for these assays.

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