Disposition of Radiolabelled Biologics

With many years of experience performing large molecule ADME studies, Pharmaron’s biologics team conducts studies for a diverse range of large molecules, including peptides, proteins, ADCs, fusion proteins and oligonucleotides.

We have a wide range of radiolabelling options depending on the nature of the large molecule, including 14C and our 3H RadioTag technique.

The ADME portfolio of services performed in our Rushden facility include tissue distribution assessments using combinations of QWBA and MARG and have been extended to include pharmacology models, most notably a wide range of xenograft models.

Pharmaron is also able to support the disposition of potent biologics with ultrasensitive quantitative AMS analysis.

3H and 14C Radiolabels (RadioTag) 14C Radiolabels and AMS for Biologics

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