Non-clinical ADME with Radiolabelled Compounds

Pharmaron fully supports non-clinical compound development. Non-clinical ADME in our Rushden facility includes the following: pharmacokinetics, excretion balance, tissue distribution, biliary excretion, metabolite analysis (metabolite profiling/identification), placental transfer, milk secretion, bioanalytical support, QWBA with disease models and dosimetry calculation for radiolabelled clinical metabolism studies.

We uniquely provide AMS technology to support ultra-sensitive quantitative analysis for non-clinical ADME studies with 14C-substances.

The QWBA studies can be conducted with in vivo pharmacology using animal disease models, including oncology models, CNS models, cardiovascular and metabolic disease models and inflammation and pain models.

in vitro Metabolism of Radiolabelled Compounds in vivo PK Using Radiolabelled Compounds Tissue Distribution with QWBA and MARG

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