Guosheng Wu, Ph.D.

Vice President

Dr. Guosheng Wu is Vice President of Computational Drug Discovery. He joined Pharmaron in 2011. Dr. Wu is a computer-aided drug design (CADD) expert with over fifteen years’ industry experience, leading Pharmaron’s research in computational medicinal chemistry and structural biology. His team has grown steadily and has achieved industry recognition for their capability in molecular design, with significant impact for projects in various therapeutic areas, such as oncology, CNS, inflammation and immunology.

Before joining Pharmaron, Dr. Wu was a Senior Research Scientist at Vitae Pharmaceuticals, where he spent over seven years in both method development and applications in CADD.  At Vitae he was one of the developers for the company’s proprietary computational technology, which helped bring five compounds to clinical trials in the US.  He was a postdoc scientist at Eli Lilly for two years and developed novel methods for protein-ligand docking.  Dr. Wu obtained his Ph.D. in theoretical and computational chemistry from Northwestern University under the guidance of Professor George C. Schatz, with the focus on multi-dimensional theories for complexed molecular systems.  He received his M.S. in physical chemistry from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and graduated with B.S. in Chemistry from Wuhan University.  He served as the Executive Council (2005-2011) and Vice-President (2010-2011) for SAPA-GP (Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association – Greater Philadelphia). 

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