Mandy Xu, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President

Dr. Mandy Xu is Senior Vice President of DMPK. Dr. Xu joined Pharmaron in 2008. Her responsibilities include assay development, validation and screening of compounds, and project management for in vitro ADMET. Currently, Dr. Xu leads a research team consisting of more than 100 staff members working in in vitro ADMET including solution properties, drug absorption/transport, drug metabolism, drug-drug interaction and safety screening. In this capacity, Dr. Xu has led her team successfully in delivering high quality of in vitro ADMET data to collaborators from biotech companies to giant pharmaceutical companies worldwide, to support projects from early drug discovery to programs for regulatory submission. Dr. Mandy Xu also leads a global team with more than 50 scientists to be responsible for regulated bioanalysis in supporting both GLP toxicology studies and clinical sample analysis studies for small molecules.

Dr. Xu obtained her B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Peking University, where her studies focused on pharmacokinetics, drug distribution and excretion, in vitro drug metabolism, and metabolite identification by using LC/MSn technology. She has published more than 20 research articles in peer-reviewed international journals including JCB, JCA, BMC, NPC, JCS, JPBA, RCM and WJG.

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