CGT Webinar Series

Continuous learning is a key element of Pharmaron’s culture of excellence. We are proud to provide our partners and peers with podcasts that focus on innovation and latest industry trends.


Flexible Facility for Fast AAV Delivery

Recorded: March 2023 This webinar will discuss how facility design & operation and advanced analytics, support the manufacturing of viral…

Opportunities and Challenges of Immunogenicity Assays for AAV Gene Therapies

Recorded: November 2022 This webinar will discuss immunogenicity assays as an integral part of large molecule bioanalysis. Presentations will focus…

The Need for Speed: High Throughput Robotics to Maximise AAV Productivity and Analytics

Recorded: October 2022 This webinar will discuss the move towards high throughput systems within process development and analytical development to…

Fast Access to GMP Grade Plasmid DNA

Recorded: September 2022 This webinar shall discuss the global challenges associated with getting access to GMP-grade plasmid DNA to support…

Enabling IND Approval: Preclinical in vivo Considerations for Novel Cell and Gene Therapies

Recorded: July 2022 Preclinical evaluation of cell and gene therapy (CGT) products in vitro and in vivo helps characterize product profile throughout development. The…